ClickHelp Documentation

How to Insert Special Symbols


When you're working on documentation, you may need to insert special symbols that are not on your keyboard. ClickHelp has a special feature for this. Let's see how it works by taking an example - we need to insert a special symbol:

  • Place the text cursor where you want a symbol to be added to your topic. 
  • Go to the Insert tab of the editor's toolbar.
  • Click Symbol.
  • Then you'll see the following dialog where you find special symbols of different categories.

  • Just click a special symbol you need and it'll appear in your text.
  • Symbols that you've recently used will be added with keyboard shortcuts, so you can add a necessary symbol quickly. 

If you can't find the desired symbol, here is a list of Unicode characters where you find various symbols and their codes. To insert a symbol from the list, press and hold down ALT while typing the character code. You must use the numeric keypad to type the numbers.

In Windows 11 you can hit Win+. to open a special pop-up that allows you to select any special character for insertion along with emojis, gifs, and extended clipboard. Learn more in the official Windows support