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Project Files Folder


When you create a Project, it instantly includes some files like images for ready elements, details of the template you've chosen, etc.

All these Project files are stored in the Project Folder which is created for each new Project.

To open the ClickHelp File Storage, click File Manager... in the main menu at the top of any page.

This is how Project Folders look inside the File Manager - their names match the URLs of the projects in your portal, they have the "project-" suffix:

Information Note that the Project Folder is automatically created for each new Project and each new Publication.

When you publish a Project, a new Publication appears, and a new folder is created for the Publication in the File Storage. The content of the Project's folder will be copied to the Publication's folder at the time of publishing. This means that you can, for example, change screenshots in the Project, but the Publication that your readers see will remain the same, since it does not share the same image resources.

Warning It is not recommended to change the Project Folder in the project settings, since all the image links will become invalid in the topics of the Project. If changing the Project Folder settings is critical for you, you'll have to update all the images' properties manually. 

The best way to change the Project Folder location is by copying the project with a new name. The name of the Project Folder for the new project will be generated based on the project URL, and all URLs inside the content will be automatically updated. Learn more on this operation there: Copying a Project.

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