ClickHelp User Manual

Reader Menu Editor

In ClickHelp, you can customize your Reader Menu by using the Reader Menu Editor.

Reader Menu Editor Overview

To open it, open Portal Settings from the Dashboard

The Portal settings button on the Projects page

Select Reader Menu in the left menu. The editor will open, and this is what it looks like:

The Reader Menu section of the Portal settings

Operations with Menu Items

To see the contextual controls for the menu item, you need to hover the mouse over it.

The contextual controls for the menu item in the Reader Menu section of the Portal settings
  1. Move Down and Move Up changes an item position, moving it down or up.
    You can also drag and drop an item to change its position or level:
    Move down and move up menu items in the Reader Menu section
  2. Add Sibling Item creates an item on the same level as the hovered item.
    To create an item on the root level, click the Add Root Item button below.
    Add root item button in the Reader Menu settings
  3. Add Child Item creates an item as a child of the hovered item.
  4. Delete - removes the item.

Reader Menu Item Properties

Each Menu Item has its own set of properties. You can edit them in the Menu Item Editor on the right-hand side.

The Menu Item Editor in the Reader Menu settings

Now, let's have a look at these properties:

  • Text. The text of the menu item that will be displayed in the Reader Interface.
  • When the item is clicked. You can choose an item action:
    • Open topic. When the menu item is clicked, a certain topic will open. You can specify the topic by providing a topic's title, ID, or URL in the field just below:
      The Open topic option in the Menu item editor
    • Open link. When the menu item is clicked, an external link will open. You need to specify an URL in the field below:
      The Open link option in the Menu Item Editor
    • Show submenu. When the menu item is clicked, the submenu with child items will open.
  • Open in a new browser tab. If the Open topic or Open link item action is chosen, you can toggle whether the topic/link will be opened in the same browser tab or a new one.
  • CSS class. You can specify a class defined in the portal branding CSS file for the menu item.

If the menu item contains any child elements and has the Show submenu behavior, you can toggle the submenu to be shown on hover rather than on click by toggling the corresponding option below:

The Open submenu popups on hover checkbox in the Menu Items Editor

To make your experience with the editor more effective, learn some use cases: Reader Menu Editor Scenarios.