ClickHelp User Manual

Resizing Table Columns

By default, tables are created in ClickHelp with the Width parameter set to Full width. If you change the Width parameter for the whole table to Custom, you won't be able to change the size of each column independently as their width depends on the table width.

Follow these steps to resize table columns individually: 

  • Go to the Properties section on the Table tab of the Design mode.
  • Open Table Properties
    The Table properties button on the Table tab of the Ribbon bar
  • Set Width to AutoFit to contents.
    Set the width to AutoFit to content in the table properties
  • Click Ok.
  • Click on the column you wish to resize.
  • Open Column Properties in the Properties section of the Table tab.
    Click the Column Properties button on the Table tab of the Ribbon bar
  • Set Width to Custom and enter the desired value.
    Set the table's width to custom in the table propertied
  • Click Ok, see the result:
    The table with custom column width in the editing mode

This is how you can apply custom width values to table columns separately.


Many things can affect a table width, such as:

  • Cells paddings
  • The length of the words in cells combined with the overflow-wrap: normal; property
  • Predefined width of the <td> element with the !important modifier

If the instructions above didn't help you resize table columns, you might need to check the mentioned points.