ClickHelp User Manual

See Also List

The See Also element dynamically generates a list of topics that relate to the current topic. Depending on the properties of the element, it can show the list of child topics (sub-sections), the list of topics of the same section (same Table of Contents level), or both.

Watch this video to learn how to add a See Also list to your topic:

To add the element to a topic, do the following:

  • Place the text cursor where you want the element to be added to your topic. As a rule, such lists are added at the end of a topic.
  • Find the See Also list in the Navigation section of the Insert tab.
    Click the See Also button on the Insert tab of the Ribbon bar
  • Click the element.
  • Set up the See Also list properties in the appeared dialog. We've chosen topics on the same level to be displayed:
    The Insert See Also block dialog
  • Click OK, and the navigation element will appear in your topic's body.
    The See Also element in the editing mode
  • To see its final look, click the Unlock & View button.
    The See Also element in the View mode

You can create the See Also list with a custom separator. Just check the relevant box and add the desired separator (HTML allowed).

Customize the separator in the Insert See Also block dialog

Here is the result:

The See Also element with the custom separator in the View mode

You have just learned how to add a See Also list to a topic.