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Creating Multi-version Manual


You can easily create a multi-version manual for different versions of your software. The main specific of a multi-version manual is that you don't update the previous version of your manual but you create a new one. Here is how it works in ClickHelp:

  • For example, you have a project called 'My Software Documentation', and you need to create different versions of this document.

  • Click Publish, select Create a new publication to create a new version and specify the version number, for example, in the Publication name field.
  • So, you need to create a new publication for each version.  

Here is an example of how it may look:

This approach is convenient since your users can open the necessary version from the version selector that is typically displayed at the top.

Currently, the most recently published version is displayed at the bottom of the version selector.

You can read more about different approaches to managing multi-version documentation in the following topic from our Knowledge Base: Managing multi-version documentation.

In order to save time, you can reuse your content, add different output tags, and much more. Here are the topics that will be helpful:

If you need to archive an old documentation version, make it private or export and delete it from your ClickHelp Portal:

If documentation versions are in different languages, you can adjust languages for your publications. To learn more, refer to this topic: Adjusting Language for Project