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Publish Manual

When you are developing online documentation in ClickHelp, you start with creating a new Project. In this topic, you will learn what is a Project, how it relates to a Publication and what you need to do to make your online documentation available to the readers.

Projects and Publications

A Project is a container for your help topics, but Projects are never accessible to readers. They are used only on the documentation authoring stage of the typical help authoring process.

When you are done with the content creation, and want your user manual to become accessible to the public, you are publishing your Project. This process creates a Publication.

You can make a publication accessible to everyone on the Internet, restrict access only to registered Power Reader users, or make it Private and visible only to authors - it's up to you.

You can also generate a downloadable version of your documentation in one of supported formats (PDF, DOCX, HTML5 WebHelp, etc.). To learn more, refer to this topic: Export Formats.

Creating Publication

To create a Publication, you need to follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Portal Dashboard.
  • Select the project you want to publish.
  • Click Current Project and select Publish/Export

  • The Publish Project  will open:

  • Specify a name for the Publication - this name will be visible to readers.
  • Set Publication visibility. It can be Public, Restricted, or Private:

Information You can either create a brand new Publication or update an existing one preserving original topic IDs in the older publication version.
  • You can manage your Project's conditional content by using Output Tags

Information On the same step, you can configure your Publication to be exported right after publishing or publish only topics in the Ready status. 

  • Click Next.
  • Wait until the Publication is created.
  • On the final step, you will be provided with the link to your newly-created Publication and links to the Style files copied from the Project.
  • Click Finish.

After you click Finish, you will see a Publication on the Portal Dashboard. Click it to review the final output.

Information If you have links to topics that are not being published in the current operation (or not a part of the publication in case of the Partial Update), they will be converted to Smart Links.

Changing Publication Visibility

To change the visibility level of a Publication, choose a Publication and click Settings

In General > Visibility & Access, you can change the visibility level.

This way Publications can be created and configured in ClickHelp.