ClickHelp Documentation

Create Multi-Language Documentation

In ClickHelp, you can create a multi-language user manual. There are several approaches to this task's implementation.

  • Using third party translation tools. You can easily export your documentation to a translation tool of choice using one of the popular supported formats, like Word or RTF
    Information When you have finished translating the project and are ready to import it back to your ClickHelp documentation portal, choose the Keep precise styles option in the Import wizard. This way your imported content will look as close to the original as possible.
  • You can create several projects. Each project will have its own language version. Separating projects this way can be especially useful when different teams are working on multi-language projects.
  • A project can be created, fully written, and then copied. All the translating can be done within the project copy. 
  • In case a UI localization is required, you can create several ClickHelp portals. Each portal will correspond to a certain language.
  • ClickHelp offers the Google Translate integration feature to help you make the understanding of help topics easier for international readers.