ClickHelp Documentation

Enable Commenting

Your readers can leave comments and feedback in your online documentation. This is possible by enabling the Disqus comment hosting service for your ClickHelp documentation portal. This is a great way to receive feedback from your readers. This will also allow your team exchanging internal comments in a Restricted publication before going live with the final version of your content.

To enable commenting, first, you need to register on the Disqus website (does not cost anything):

  • Open the Disqus main page and click Sign Up.

  • Fill in the registration form (you will also receive a confirmation email). 

    Information Pay attention to the Name you are specifying. You will need it later, to enable the Disqus comments in your ClickHelp portal.
  • Log in to your ClickHelp documentation portal.
  • Navigate to Tools > Portal Settings... in the main menu.
  • Find Reader Feedback.
  • Turn on the Enable Disqus Comments option.
  • Type your Disqus Shortname (you specified it when signing up for Disqus earlier).
  • Save the changes.

Now, if you open any Publication of yours, at the bottom, you'll see the Disqus text field for adding comments. 

In the example above, we enabled Disqus globally, for all Publications. It is also possible to enable it for specific Publication only in their settings.

Moreover, you can enable the topic feedback widget. Just check the relevant box and save changes.

To learn more, refer to this topic: The 'Was it Helpful?' Widget.