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Using Review Comments


Review Comments are helpful when you want to leave feedback for certain parts of the text, for example, about mistakes. They are applied to a specific part of the document while ToDo lists are applied to the whole topic.

Let's see how it works from the perspective of a reviewer and a technical writer:


To add a Review Comment, just select a word or a sentence and click Add Comment. Then click Ctrl+Enter to save.

If you want to delete your comment, click it and select DELETE.

The RESOLVE button is for authors of texts. The author of "Introducing The Magic Wand" is Amanda. When she has applied the corrections for the text according to Reviewer's comments, she will click RESOLVE and the comment will be marked as done.

When a topic is very long, the Previous Comment and Next Comment buttons can be very useful to navigate to a comment quicker.

Technical Writer 

If Review Comments Notifications are enabled, you'll receive an e-mail notification for every comment created for the topics you own. If you want to change this, read about E-mail Notifications.

In order to look through comments, open your project, select a topic and click Edit. Comments are highlighted, so you can easily notice them. To read a comment, click the highlighted zone.

When you've finished changing the necessary fragments of the text, click the highlighted zone again and select RESOLVE. The review comment creator will receive an e-mail notification that the comment is resolved.

Now you can create Review Comments. As you see, this feature helps to organize the interaction between authors and reviewers. They don't need to send files over e-mail anymore. This opportunity makes workflow more effective.

History of all Review Comments

ClicHelp saves all resolved and deleted comments. Click the Review Comments button in the topic editor header as it's shown on the screenshot, and you'll see all unresolved, resolved, and deleted comments. 

If you want to delete a comment, click the three vertical dots button, then click Delete Forever.

You can also copy a link to a comment: click the three vertical dots button, then click Copy Link. It will be automatically copied to your clipboard.

You've now learned how to work with Review Comments.