ClickHelp User Manual

Export with Word Templates

You can personalize exported documentation, such as PDF or DOCX files, by using Word templates. These templates are Word documents that provide a visual and intuitive approach to customizing the appearance of your files.

When using Word templates, you can leverage the full range of options available in a regular Word document. This includes customizing margins, paper size, header, footer (including custom headers and footers for the first/odd/even pages), cover page, page background, TOC style, and adding pages before and after topics, among other features. After you set up a template and specify it in the Export Preset, ClickHelp uses it as a base and creates your printed documentation accordingly.

We offer pre-existing Word template files that you can refer to for your convenience. These template files can be found in the ClickHelp File Storage under the following location: Storage/Templates/Export/Printed.

You can either customize the default templates or create new ones. To edit a template file, you can use our built-in Word Template Editor or download the template file and make changes using MS Word.