ClickHelp Documentation

Export with Word Templates

ClickHelp supports exporting documentation using a Word template. This approach to export allows setting up multiple things, like: margins, the paper size, header, footer (including custom headers and footers for the first/odd/even pages), cover page, page background, TOC style, adding pages before and after topics.

You can use our built-in Word template file for reference. It works out-of-the-box. The template file is located in the ClickHelp File Storage: Storage/Templates/Printed Manual Export Template.docx 

It is possible to customize this template. For this:

  • Download the template - Storage/Templates/Printed Manual Export Template.docx 
  • Open it in MS Word.
  • Make the necessary changes.
  • Save the file.
  • Upload it back to the Templates folder.
You can create your own Word template from scratch and style it. Read more here.
Warning ClickHelp doesn't support page backgrounds set up in Microsoft Word via Page layout > Page color > Fill effects... However, you can use a different approach to apply them.