ClickHelp User Manual

Export with Word Templates

ClickHelp supports exporting documentation using a Word template. This approach allows branding exported documentation and setting up multiple things, like margins, paper size, header, footer (including custom headers and footers for the first/odd/even pages), cover page, page background, TOC style, adding pages before and after topics.

You can use our built-in Word template file for reference. Template files are located in the ClickHelp File Storage: Storage/Templates/Export Template A4.docx or Storage/Templates/Export Template Letter.docx . 

It is possible to customize this template or create one from scratch and style it. Read more on this in the following topic: Creating a Custom Word Template

How Word Template Styles Are Applied to the Exported Document

Styles defined in the Word template are not applied to the content of your topics. Word template styles are only applied to the following:

  • The content you create in Word — headers, footers, cover page, etc.
  • The TOC automatically generated by ClickHelp during the export process — uses the Normal style.
  • The topic headings automatically generated by ClickHelp before each topic. This behavior is optional and is enabled by default. These headings are the only place where Heading 1 — Heading N styles from the Word template are used.

All of the topic content — which means regular text, headings represented by <h1> and similar tags, links represented by <a> tags, and content represented by the rest of the supported tags — is styled by your project's CSS files and is not affected by the Word template styles in any way. The primary purpose of the Word template feature is to configure settings like headers and footers for odd/even pages and other Word-specific content.