ClickHelp User Manual

Export Configurations

As you know, ClickHelp supports a number of export formats. Some of the formats allow configuring the output in the exporting wizard - styling the automatic Table of Contents, adding page numbers, setting the paper size, etc. If you often use the same exporting settings, you can make use of the stored Export Configurations. This is a project-specific export profile you can re-use many times when exporting.

Basically, an Export Configuration stores settings that you can apply to your documentation's Printed Output. Using an Export Configuration, you won't need to set up your printed outputs each time, you will have one ready configuration with settings instead and just pick it when exporting.

Creating an Export Configuration

To create an Export Configuration:

  • As Export Configurations are created on the Project level, open Project Settings.
  • Then, under Single-Sourcing, find the Export Configurations section:
    Export Configurations section in the project settings
  • Click Create Export Configuration.
  • Choose the Configuration name in the appeared dialog. You can also choose an existing Export Configuration to copy settings from it.
    New export configuration dialog   
  • Click OK.
  • Go through the 1st step of the Export Configuration Editor by setting up the Document Structure (Max Heading Level, Cover) and the Table of Contents. You can specify its position (Before topics, After specific topics, After topics, or None ) and choose its font, font size, font color. etc.
    Step 1 of the Export Configuration Editor
  • Click Next.
  • On step 2, you can configure Headings for your Printed Output.
    Step 2 of the Export Configuration Editor
  • Click Next.
  • The last wizard step is dedicated to Page Setup (Margins, Paper Size, Orientation, Page Numbers, etc.). 
    Step 3 of the Export Configuration Editor 
  • Click Finish.
  • The new Export Configuration will appear on the Project Settings page:
    The new export configuration appears on the project settings page

It can be deleted, renamed, or edited later.

Applying an Export Configuration

Once you create an Export Configuration for a project, the same configuration will be available for every Publication you create for this Project afterward.

When you decide to create a Printed Output of a Publication, just select your Export Configuration on the first step of the Export Publication wizard from the dropdown list under Advanced Output Settings :
Choose the needed export configuration in the Export wizard  

Your Export Configuration will be applied to the exported Publication. You can also create a new Export Configuration in the same wizard step by selecting [New...] from the dropdown list.