ClickHelp User Manual

Export Presets

An Export Preset is a collection of settings that influence the visuals and styling of your printed output. These settings allow you to style the automatic Table of Contents, add page numbers, set the paper size, etc. They can be defined manually or taken from a Word Template file.

All printed formats — except the CHM and HTML-based ones — can be configured beforehand using Export Presets. This approach allows for a one-time centralized setup of the printed output. In addition, it's possible to set up multiple different presets and select the necessary one later during the publishing process.

Export Presets are set up in your portal settings under Single-SourcingExport Presets. You can create new Export Presets, edit, rename, and delete existing ones.

The Export Presets that are used as default ones for single-topic PDF downloads on a project or portal level, as well as the last remaining ones, cannot be deleted.