ClickHelp User Manual

Topic Editor - HTML Mode

The HTML Source editor allows modifying your page's HTML code. ClickHelp's HTML Editor provides the users with the majority of known features, like automatic code completion, syntax highlighting, error detection (e.g. a closing tag is missing). It also provides suggestions and descriptions to a number of tags and attributes as shown in the screenshot below:

The HTML Source editor of the topic's content

Another useful feature is called Auto Format. It makes the HTML code much more readable and easier to handle. To use the feature, you need to select the desired part of your code and click the corresponding element on the editor's ribbon at the top of the page. The following screenshots show what the same code looks like before and after applying the automatic formatting feature. In the first screenshot, the code line is long, and you need to scroll horizontally to reach its end.

The Auto format button in the HTML source editor

Though the edited code appears to occupy more lines in the second screenshot, it is perfectly structured, and all the tags are visible. 

Auto formatting applied to the topic's HTML structure