ClickHelp User Manual

Image Import Formats

Your documentation can include photos and/or screenshots, and when you import your documentation from a printed format, you can choose the image format to save the quality of your pictures.

On the 2nd step of importing you can choose a format:

Image Format option in the Import Project wizard
  • The PNG format is good for documentation that includes screenshots, vector images, and pictures with big areas of one color. The PNG format provides the best quality and low size of images. 
  • The JPG format is good for documentation that includes photos and images with a great number of colors. Your pictures will be resized and their quality will be the same or lower than the quality of PNG images.

If your documentation includes screenshots and photos, for example, choose the format that is suitable for the majority of pictures in your documentation, and convert the rest of the pictures after the import. Don't forget to update the URLs of those converted pictures after you upload their new versions in another format. You can check where they're used in File Manager - click Where is this file used? to see the links where the images are used.  

Where is this file used link in the File Manager