ClickHelp User Manual

Item Count Metrics

Here are item count metrics that you can examine for your topic:

  • Images. The number of images in the topic.
  • Links. The number of links in the topic. All links are counted - cross-topic links, File Storage links, external web links, mailto links.
  • Tables. The number of tables in the topic. 
  • Videos. The number of videos in the topic. 
  • Snippets. The number of snippets in the topic. 
  • Variables. The number of variables in the topic. 
  • Conditional include blocks. The number of conditional blocks of the Include type in the topic. 
  • Conditional exclude blocks. The number of conditional blocks of the Exclude type in the topic.  
  • Resolved review comments. The number of resolved review comments.  
  • Deleted review comments. The number of deleted review comments.