ClickHelp User Manual

Reporting and Analytics

ClickHelp has built-in analytics that allow measuring team performance metrics and analyzing end-user behavior statistics, giving you essential insights into what can be improved in your content.

Besides, ClickHelp can integrate with Google Analytics. Additionally, with the help of the Topic Master Page, you can integrate any third-party analytics tool that supports integration via the embed code. 

On top of that, ClickHelp provides a variety of topic metrics like readability scores, character count, and so on. 

ClickHelp Reports

Having analytical data requires it to be presented comprehensibly, and ClickHelp built-in reports do precisely that.

The Reports, which are always quickly accessible from the side nav, are designed to present information on your project readiness, most active contributors, and so on in the form of charts and grids, with the possibility to quickly filter, sort, group, and drill down.

Here's a list of all the reports ClickHelp offers:

Event Tracking of Logged-In Users

For more precise and actionable analytics, reader behavior events (search queries, topic views) are not tracked for web crawlers and logged-in contributors, those events are only tracked for anonymous readers and logged-in Power Readers. In addition, you can exclude specific IP addresses from your statistics manually: Reader Events Filtering.