ClickHelp User Manual

Mini-TOC (Table of Contents) Navigation Element

A Mini-TOC (Table of Contents) is a navigation element that is usually placed at the beginning of a topic, and it contains links to the topic's sections (by their headings). This structure proves to be very useful for long topics with numerous subtitles.

Watch this video to learn how to add a Mini-TOC:

To insert a Mini-TOC in a topic, follow the steps below:

  • Place the text cursor where you want the element to be added to your topic.
  • Find Mini-TOC in the Navigation section of the Insert tab.
    The Mini-TOC button on the Insert tab of the Ribbon bar 
  • Click the element.
  • The Mini-TOC will appear in your topic:
    The Mini-TOC element in the editing mode

This is how a Mini-TOC can be added to a topic in ClickHelp.

Once a Mini-TOC is generated, this element is updated automatically, i.e. when you change your topic's structure/rename its sections, you'll not need to insert the Mini-TOC element again.