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Mini-TOC (Table of Contents) Navigation Element


A Mini-TOC (Table of Contents) is a navigation element that is usually placed at the beginning of a topic, and it contains links to the topic's sections (by their headings). This structure proves to be very useful for long topics with numerous subtitles.

Information A Mini-TOC in ClickHelp is generated only from Heading 1 and Heading 2 elements.

   Watch this video to learn how to add a Mini-TOC:

To insert a Mini-TOC in a topic, follow the steps below:

  • Place the text cursor where you want the element to be added to your topic.
  • Find Mini-TOC in the Navigation section of the Insert tab.
  • Click the element.
  • The Mini-TOC will appear in your topic:

This is how a Mini-TOC can be added to a topic in ClickHelp.

Information Once a Mini-TOC is generated, this element is updated automatically, i.e. when you change your topic's structure/rename its sections, you'll not need to insert the Mini-TOC element again.