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These navigation elements help readers to quickly move between related topics, i.e. reach the top, next or previous topic with just one click.

Watch this video to learn how to insert such elements (starting from 1:37):

To add such a navigation link to a topic, do the following:

  • Place the text cursor where you want the element to be added to your topic. 
  • Find the corresponding element in the Navigation section of the Insert tab.
  • Click the desired item
  • Set up the navigation element in the appeared dialog window. We chose to use a topic's title as a link text.

  • Click OK.
  • The navigation link appears in the Design View:

  • Click Unlock & View at the top of the page to see the element's final look.

Before inserting links to Top, Next and Previous topics, make sure that necessary topics will be included in the final version of your documentation when publishing. Below, are some scenarios that will help you better understand the navigation links behavior.

Information You can manage all settings that are mentioned below in Topic Properties.  
  • Scenario: a topic will be hidden from TOC in the publication. 
    Let's suppose, the topic called 'Winning The Wand Over' on the screenshot below will not be shown in TOC.

    This means that the Next Topic link in the 'Lord Voldemort' topic will point to 'Hermione Granger'.
  • Scenario: your topic is a folder.
    If your topic is a folder, it can't be used as a top/next/previous topic, so the next eligible topic will be taken. On the screenshot below, the Next Topic link inside the 'Where to Start' topic will point to 'Harry Potter' because 'Magic' is a folder.

  • Scenario: different output tags for a topic and a published version of documentation.
    The topic called 'Lord Voldemort' is tagged as beginner.

    So, if the documentation is published with the pro output tag, the 'Lord Voldemort' topic will be excluded from the end version of the manual. 
    This means that the Next Topic link inside the 'Albus Dumbledore' topic will point to 'Winning The Wand Over'.

You have just learned how to insert links to Top, Next and Previous topics in your online documentation.