ClickHelp User Manual

Task Automation with Zapier

Zapier is a web automation tool that allows users to integrate different apps and automate workflows. ClickHelp is among the apps added to Zapier: ClickHelp Integrations.

This allows you to connect ClickHelp with thousands of other apps. The majority of different use cases for hooking up ClickHelp with other supported apps are covered with Zapier. Examples of the popular integrations are:

You need a Zapier account to set up integrations. All the configuration is made on the Zapier side, as well as the billing.

How Zapier Works

In Zapier, you automate workflows between different online tools using Zaps. They consist of two key components: triggers and actions.

Triggers are events that initiate a Zap; they tell Zapier when to start working. You can think of them as the starting point, the "if" statement of your automation. For example, a trigger could be:

  • A new email in your Gmail inbox.
  • A new message in your Slack channel.
  • A topic updated in ClickHelp.

Actions are the tasks Zapier performs after a trigger occurs. They are the "then" part of your automation. Actions can be anything from sending a notification to creating a new file or updating a record.  Some examples of actions include:

  • Creating a new document in Google Drive.
  • Adding a new item to a Trello board.
  • Exporting a publication in ClickHelp.

Zapier offers thousands of trigger and action options across various apps, allowing you to automate countless scenarios and customize your automation to your specific needs.

Learn how to create Zaps here: Create Zaps.

Example Zap templates for ClickHelp can be found here: Quickly automate ClickHelp integrations with Zapier's templates. These are only examples and do not limit what you can do. Find the tools and automations you need!

Available Triggers and Actions

ClickHelp trigger
Topic Updated
Triggers when a topic is updated.
Topic Created
Triggers when a new topic is created.
Negative Feedback Received
Triggers when a new detailed negative reader feedback is received.
Translation Document Updated
Triggers when a translation document is updated.
ClickHelp action
Create Topic
Creates a new topic.
Create New Publication
Creates a new online publication of a project.
Update Publication
Updates an existing publication.
Export Publication
Exports an existing publication to a downloadable format.
Create User
Creates a new user account.
Create Project Backup
Creates a backup of a project.