ClickHelp Documentation

TOC Filters

ClickHelp provides advanced TOC filtering for a more convenient workflow and teamwork. 

First, you can simply filter topics by title as suggested by the TOC filter text field:

Just start typing a word, and you will be shown the list of topics that have this word in their title.

Second, ClickHelp allows filtering topics by various parameters, such as an assignee, an owner, a date created, a topic status, etc.

To see the list of pre-made filters, click this arrow item:

The list of possible filters will be shown:

Creating a Custom Filter

In ClickHelp, you can also create a custom TOC filter. For this:

  • Click Custom Filter... in the drop-down box.

  • In the appeared window, click the plus item to add a new condition.

  • Specify the condition you are interested in.

  • Pick its value.

    Information You can specify multiple conditions for the same custom filter.
  • Click Ok.
  • The custom filter will be applied to your TOC.

This is how you can use advanced TOC filtering to improve the workflow inside your team.