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TOC Nodes Publishing Properties


One and the same project can have multiple publications. This allows you to create publications with content suitable for different purposes. It can be achieved by setting up publishing properties for the project's TOC nodes, i.e. topics.

To change a TOC node's publishing properties, select the node and click the More button and then select Properties in the editor header to the right (or right-click the TOC node in question and choose Properties... from the appeared menu). Go to General settings and find this line: Publishing (Affects Child Nodes). Before choosing the needed option, please consider the following:

  • Any node can be given its publishing property whether it is a topic with some text in it or just a TOC folder node without a topic associated with it.
  • A publishing property applied to a parent will affect its child nodes (i.e. if your parent node has the 'Do not publish' option checked, while its children have a 'Publish always' one, they will not get published as they inherit this property from their parent).

There are four options you can choose from when managing your nodes' publishing properties:

  • Publish always - the content will be published for all the output types of your project.
  • Publish with specific tags - this option is used for the content relevant to few output types. A common task would be, for example, including the 'Using Full-Text Search' topic only into the online output, not the printed docs.
  • Do not publish with specific tags - choose this option for the content relevant to the majority of the output types, exept for a few ones. For example, you can exclude the topic used for a cover page from the online output only. 
  • Do not publish - this option is for the topics that never get to the final output. Quite often it is used for content snippets - all the snippets content will be included to their target topics, but no corresponding nodes will appear in the TOC and people will not see your snippet topics as separate documents in search results (neither in ClickHelp nor in Google).