ClickHelp User Manual

Updating Auto-topics

Auto-topics can not be edited manually but instead can be updated with a click of a button, getting the latest changes from a definition file, such as the OpenAPI .json or .yaml files.

The update process which synchronizes your Auto-topics content with the definition file contents can be invoked in a couple of different ways, all within the project, from the Topic Editor page:

  • The Update button at the top of the page, which replaces the Edit button for Auto-topics.
    Update auto-topic button at the top of the Topic Editor page
  • The Update button that is part of the mount point's hover menu in the TOC.
    Update auto-topic button in the TOC hover menu

This procedure is almost entirely automated. You merely need to select Update, specify the file or the URL to the source file — like a .json or .yaml file with your OpenAPI definition — and ClickHelp will take care of the rest! 

If you specify the URL, make sure the file is not password-protected and is publicly accessible; otherwise, ClickHelp won't be able to fetch it.

Regardless of the update approach — by file upload or by specifying the URL —  ClickHelp reads the definition from the file and updates the entire set of Auto-topics under the mount point. Additionally, ClickHelp adds a new record in the mount point's version history log: the user who initiated the update and the timestamp of the update.

Once the update is done, re-publish the project so your users can see the changes.