ClickHelp User Manual

Version History

In ClickHelp, you can view the Version History of a topic, compare topic versions, track down changes, and roll back to a previous Topic Version.

The Version History functionality tracks down two types of changes:

  • Workflow Changes - those that happen when either the topic Status , Owner , or Assignee is changed.
  • Content Changes  - the changes of a topic Title or Body.

To track the changes in the body of a topic, a Topic Version is created by the system when required. It happens automatically when the Unlock&View button is pressed or the topic is published. ClickHelp stores an unlimited number of topic versions, so you can always view an older topic version and see the changes made to a topic. The full list of topic versions can be found in the Topic Properties screen. To learn more, check this topic.

You can also compare any two versions of a topic to see the changes made and to pick the better one. Read more on topic versions comparison here.

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