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ClickHelp User Manual

Confluence Import Specifics

This topic describes which Confluence entities are supported for the direct Confluence content import and the specifics of importing Spaces from the portal with the Scroll Versions plugin.

Supported Confluence Entities

When importing your Confluence content, ClickHelp processes the following entities:

Confluence entity
Import result
Imported as a ClickHelp project.
Each Page is imported as a separate topic.
Pages with the Archived status.
Imported as topics and placed under the Archived folder of the same project.
Pages with the Trashed status.
Ignored and not imported.
Blog Posts
Imported as topics and placed under the Blog Posts folder of the same project.
The Table of Contents (Pages' structure)
Preserved as ClickHelp's Table of Contents.

Supported macros are automatically converted to the corresponding ClickHelp element. 

Unsupported macros are handled based on the option you select.

For more information, refer here: Importing Confluence Macros.

Space version (the Scroll Versions plugin)
Each version is considered a separate Space. You can find detailed information below.

The Space Version Import Specifics (Scroll Versions)

If you have the Scroll Versions plugin installed in your Confluence Server or Data Center instance, the Space version (Scroll Versions) list becomes available on Step 3 of Import Project Wizard during the Space import.

The list is visible for all your Spaces: those that have versions and those that don't.

  • For the Spaces with versions, you need to select the version you want to import and run the import process for each one separately. However, you don't have to import them all as different projects; you can import them to the same project one by one.
  • For the Spaces without versioning, the Base Version is predefined and cannot be changed.