ClickHelp User Manual

Insert Images

While creating online documentation in ClickHelp, you may want to add various images to the topic content: icons, screenshots, GIF animations, schemes, etc.


Inserting images is done in the topic editing mode. To enter this mode, click the Lock & Edit button in the top-right corner of the screen. You can insert images both from your computer, and use those images that are already stored in your ClickHelp File Storage

Insert Image from your Computer

  • On the Insert tab of the toolbar find Image in the Media group.
    Click the Image button on the Insert tab of the Ribbon bar
  • Click the Image item, and the Insert Image dialog will open.
    The Insert Image dialog
  • Drag & drop the image from a file manager to the drop zone inside the Insert Image dialog. 
    Drag&drop the image to the Preview area of the Insert Image dialog
  • Alternatively, you can click the drop zone and select an image file in the Open File system dialog.
  • The image file will be uploaded to the folder of the ClickHelp File Storage currently open on the left side of the window. Going forward, you can insert it to other places from the File Storage to keep using the same file for easier maintenance.
  • To specify additional parameters for the image, click the Image Properties link at the bottom.
    Click the Image Properties link in the Insert Image dialog
  • On the Common Setting tab, you can change the image's Size, Position and add a Description.
    Click the Common Setting tab in the Image properties
    For the Wrap text around image setting to take effect, the Position option needs to be selected as well.
  • The Style Settings allow you to add Margins, a Border and assign a CSS class.
    The Style Settings tab in the Image properties
  • Click Ok.

Insert Image from ClickHelp File Storage

  • On the Insert tab of the toolbar, click Image in the Media group. The Insert Image dialog will open.
  • On the left side of the window, you will see the files you have in your current project folder in the ClickHelp File Storage
    The list of files in the Insert Image dialog
  • Find the needed image and click it once, its preview will appear on the right side. 
    Click the image to see its preview in the Insert Image dialog
  • To specify additional parameters for the image, click the Show options link at the top.
  • Click Ok.

Change the Inserted Image  

After you have inserted an image to a help topic, you may want to change its parameters — size, borders, the image itself, etc. To do this, double-click the image in the topic contents - the Change Image dialog will open, where you can replace the image with another one, or modify its parameters.

You can open the same properties dialog by clicking the image and selecting the Properties button on the Home toolbar of the Design mode.

Disable Autoresizing 

To avoid horizontal scrolling for wide elements like tables, images, videos, iframes, embed elements, etc. ClickHelp features the autoresizing functionality. When a browser window is resized, or a document is opened on devices with a different screen resolution, the enumerated elements change in size, too, automatically.

If you need to disable this feature for an element, add the data-ch-no-autosize="true" attribute to its HTML code. 

For example, if your code for an inserted image looks like this:

<img src="/resources/Storage/Documentation/Screenshots/Image1.png" alt="Image1"/>

You should change it into this, and your image won't be resized automatically:

<img src="/resources/Storage/Documentation/Screenshots/Image1.png" alt="Image1" data-ch-no-autosize="true"/>