ClickHelp User Manual

Machine Translation Specifics

When using Machine Translation, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • When you translate more than one translation unit at once, the system ignores the following translation units:
    • With the Translation Review Needed and Final states.
    • With images.
    • With topic ID.
    • All translation units within translation documents with the Translation Review and Ready Translation statuses.
  • After the Machine Translation process is finished, the system automatically does the following:
    • Changes the state of all affected translation units to Translation Review Needed.
    • Changes the status of all affected translation documents to Translation Review.
  • When you translate content with placeholders, like {{PUBS}} on the Home Page or {Title} in Project Settings, the placeholder text will be ignored.
    Any sequence of characters without spaces and enclosed in single or double curly braces like {…} and {{…}} is considered a placeholder.