ClickHelp Documentation

Page Breaks


ClickHelp allows creating printed versions of your online user manuals. Printed documentation has its own peculiarities that can be configured in ClickHelp . One of these things is a page break . A page break means that a topic will start from new page.

There are two ways to configure page breaks in the printed output:

Page Breaks in Topic Properties

You can set up page breaks in a topic via topic properties. For this, go to:

Topic properties > Printed Output > Start from new page

If this setting is checked like on the screenshot above, the topic is going to form a page break - to start from a new page.

Page Breaks in CSS

Page breaks can be also configured via CSS. There are several CSS rules for this.

  • page-break-before: always
    This style can be applied to block elements, like paragraphs or headings. Here is an example:
    <h2 style="page-break-before: always">Section 2</h2>

  • page-break-after: always
    Not yet supported by the document generation component ClickHelp uses.
  • page-break-inside: avoid
    Works only for paragraphs, so they are not split into two pages if possible. Here is an example:
    <p style="page-break-inside: avoid">This is a text paragraph that should not be split in two pages</p>