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Quick Parts

Quick Parts are small content extracts that you can insert into your content. They were created to help you speed up routine tasks like inserting certain repeated pieces of content throughout your documentation. You can create a Quick Part from any piece of your content including Variables, Snippets, Conditional Blocks, and many more.

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By default, there are three Quick Parts available in ClickHelp: Info Box, Warning Box and Show More element.

Unlike Snippets, Quick Parts are simply pieces of content that are directly inserted into the topic. After you insert a Quick Part, it becomes a part of the topic content, so you can modify it in-place. Basically, it's like inserting content from the clipboard.

Quick Parts are shared on a portal scale, which means every user has the same Quick Parts list. There are no project-specific or user-specific Quick Parts. 

Create a Quick Part

To create a new Quick Part, perform a few simple steps:

  1. Select the content in your topic you want to create a Quick Part from.
  2. Select the "Insert" tab on the ribbon and click the "Create From Selection" button in the "Quick Parts" group. Alternatively, hit Ctrl+Q (Command-Q on MacOS)
  3. The "Create Quick Part" dialog will appear
    • You will need to specify the name of the Quick Part. If you specify (or select from the list) the name of an already existing Quick Part, then the existing Quick Part will be overwritten with the new one.
    • You can click the "Show Quick Part source" link to see the HTML of the Quick Part. You can also edit it in case you need to change something on the fly or clean up the markup.

Insert a Quick Part

The process of inserting a Quick Part is pretty straightforward:

  1. Switch to the "Insert" tab of the ribbon and click the "Insert" button of the "Quick Parts" group
  2. Click on the necessary Quick Part from the list

The Quick Part will be inserted at the location of your text cursor.

Edit a Quick Part

It's not possible to edit an already existing Quick Part, but you can replace it with a new one:

  1. Insert the Quick Part into the topic
  2. Edit it to your liking
  3. Select the edited version in the topic
  4. Click "Create From Selection" in the Insert tab of the ribbon
  5. Enter the name of the Quick Part you were editing. It will prompt you that the existing Quick Part with that name will be overwritten.
  6. Click "OK"

​Rename a Quick Part

As with editing, it's not currently possible to rename an existing Quick Part. Here's what you can do to achieve it, though:

  1. Insert the Quick Part into the topic
  2. Select it in the topic
  3. Click "Create From Selection" in the Insert tab of the ribbon
  4. Enter a new name for the Quick Part
  5. Delete the old Quick Part

Delete a Quick Part

Any user with the Author role can delete a Quick Part.

If you delete a Quick Part, it will be deleted for everyone in your portal. 
  1. Hover over the specific Quick Part in the Insert Quick Part popup
  2. Click the "delete" button (trash can icon).

Quick Parts vs. Snippets

While the difference between Quick Parts and Content Snippets may not be obvious from the first glance and they may look like similar features, they are very different in their nature.

Quick PartsSnippets
Quick Part's markup becomes a part of the topic markup on insertionSnippet's markup becomes a part of the topic markup on publish
Stored in your portal data, outside of topicsNeed to exist as individual topics
Can be edited upon insertionCan not be edited in the topic they are inserted in
If one of the inserted Quick Parts is edited in a topic, the changes are made only to the edited instanceWhen an original Snippet is edited, the changes are reflected in every inserted instance of this Snippet in all Projects