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Translator Dashboard

The Translator Dashboard is a specialized workspace for translators where they can access, manage, and search all translation documents.

The Translator Dashboard screen
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Two district areas comprise the Translator Dashboard: the Data Table and the Top Panel for controlling it.

Top Panel

The top panel houses quick filters for controlling the table below, the translation progress bar that shows progress for currently visible documents, and other controls:

  • Quick filters. Allow filtering translation documents by their translation statuses, assignee, projects, or users (1). You can also filter translation documents by a particular project by choosing it in the Filter by dropdown list (2):
    Filters in the header panel of the Translator Dashboard
  • Translation progress bar. Shows the breakdown by translation statuses of documents that are currently not filtered out. Updates in real-time. If you hover over the progress bar, you can see the details and additional stats:
    The Progress bar at the top of the Translator Dashboard
  • Column Chooser. You can remove the unnecessary columns from the data table by dragging and dropping them to the Column Chooser in the top-right corner of the Translator Dashboard.Removing unnecessary column by dragging it to the Column Chooser

Translation Data Table

Displays all translation documents that match currently selected filters, if there are any. The data table has the following columns:

Name of the translation document. Clicking it will open the document in the Translation Editor.
Project Name
Shows whether the document is global or belongs to a particular project.
Base Project
The name of the base project the translation belongs to.
Progress by Units

Shows the percentage of translation units in the document with the Final state.

To see the breakdown by states, hover over a number:
The breakdown by translation units stated in the Progress by units columns

The current workflow status of the translation document.
The language of the translation document.
Modified on
The date the translation document was last modified.
Modified by
The user who last modified the translation document.
Assigned to
The user to whom the translation document is assigned.
Base Topic Assignee The user to whom the base topic is assigned.
The owner of the translation document.
Base Topic Owner
The owner of the base topic.
Base Words The number of words in the base topic in the base language.

You can group(1), sort(2), and filter(3) the data in the table. You can learn more in the following topic: Working with Data Tables.

Grouping, sorting and filtering features on the Translator Dashboard

Custom filter

You can specify a custom filter at the bottom of the table by using the Create Filter button. You can read more about creating custom filters here 

Click the Create filter button at the bottom of the Translator Dashboard to create a custom filter