ClickHelp Documentation

Use Conditional Content


When creating online documentation, you may want to produce different outputs from a single source. The differences between the outputs may be too small to make it worthwhile creating a separate project.

ClickHelp allows using the single-sourcing help authoring techniques. In addition to variables and snippets , you can also use conditional blocks.

Conditional blocks may be included or excluded from the final output (publication) depending on the name of the output tag you are using. For example, you can exclude certain advanced technical information from the end-user manual while including this information to the administrator manual of the same application.

To insert a conditional block, follow these steps:

  • While in the topic editing mode, put the text cursor to a position where you want to insert a conditional block.
  • Switch to the Single-Sourcing toolbar.
  • Click inside the edit box in the Conditional Content group - you will see the list of available output tags in a drop-down list. If you don't have output tags, click the Manage button to create output tags for your project.
  • Select one or several output tags.
  • Click either Insert Including or Insert Excluding depending on what you want to happen to the conditional block for selected tags.
  • A conditional block will be inserted, and you can put any content inside this conditional block.
    You can type-in the contents as you normaly  do this, or you an copy&paste the existing content.

Preview Final Output

After you have created some conditional blocks, you may want to check what the final output looks like for some output tags. Here is how you can do this:

  • Switch to the View toolbar.
  • In the Output Tag Preview group, you will see the list of output tags defined for your project.
  • Click the output tag to be used for preview generation.
  • Switch to the Preview tab of the topic editor (the tab captions are at the bottom of the screen).
In the Preview tab, you will see the final output generated for the selected output tag, taking into account variables, snippets and conditional blocks.