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Using Topic Templates

When you create a new topic, it gets filled with some pre-defined content. You can specify what default content to use in the portal settings, so it gets inserted every time you create a new topic.

Creating a topic template is easy, go to Portal Settings> Topic Template> New Topic Template

You'll see the editing area where you can specify any content you want.

You may notice that you can't insert snippets, a See Also block and so on. This happens because many of those elements expect the topic to belong to some project, and this is not the case for a topic template. But if you need to insert those elements, you can do this in the Source mode anyway. Let's assume you want to insert a snippet, this is the process: 

  1. Create a new topic.
  2. Insert a snippet.
  3. Go to Source and copy the snippet tag.

  4. Go to Portal Settings > Topic Template > New Topic Template.  Switch to the Source mode and paste the markup.

Changes will be saved automatically. This way, you can insert any such elements to the topic template.