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Words Added Report


This report will help you estimate the content contribution by each author, in each Project, and figure out your Top Contributors. The system measures the contribution in the number of words added.

By Authors

To look through analytics on the level of authors, click Reports > Words Added > By Authors. The chart will show a separate data series for each of your authors, so you can see a historical trend. Hover the mouse pointer over any data point on the chart, and you'll see how many words were added by that specific author.


Top Contributors

Want to know who are the Top Contributors during a specific time period? Go to Reports > Words Added > Top Contributors.

This chart does not show a historical trend, it offers a bar chart of data grouped by authors and then by projects. It helps you figure out your top contributors during a spring or a release cycle.

By Projects

This is another view for the content contribution data: Reports > Words Added > By Projects. This chart shows trend lines for all your projects, so you can see how much content was contributed to each project over time.

All the screenshots above represent the "Entire Portal" view of data. You can see the same reports for a specific project - just select it in the "Report for" drop-down box in the report header panel. Moreover, you can group, sort and filter projects. Learn more on this here: Working with Data Tables.