ClickHelp Documentation

Check Spelling

ClickHelp topic editor has a built-in spellchecker. To use it, proceed with the following steps:

  • After you have finished writing your topic, save the changes and proceed to the Proofing section on the Home tab.

  • Choose the needed language.
  • Click the Check Spelling button. 
  • In the dialog window that opens, words missing from the dictionary are underlined, and some suggestions are given below.

    If you click Change - the underlined word will be changed to the one selected on the list below. Change All means that if the same incorrect spelling is present elsewhere in this topic, it will be corrected for the entire topic. In case the spelling is correct, click either Ignore Once or Ignore All (in the latter case, this spelling variation will be ignored for the whole topic). You can also 'teach' your spell checker by clicking the Add to Dictionary button, so the underlined word will be considered correct from that moment on.
  • When the spell-checking process is completed, the corresponding notification will appear on the screen.