ClickHelp Documentation

Reader Interface Templates

ClickHelp provides 6 premade reader UI templates, so you don't need to learn CSS. Now, three templates are available:

Three other templates are coming soon.

Let's see how it works:

  • Open your Portal Dashboard and click Portal Settings.
  • The Reader Interface page will open.
  • There you'll see the preview screen and customization options.

On the right, you can choose a template:

Let's examine the three templates specifics.

Clear Sky

The Clear Sky template has:

  • TOC
  • Mini-TOC (it shows h2 and h3 of a topic)
  • See Also (it shows child topics)

Sunset Hour

The Sunset Hour template has Mini-TOC (it shows h2 and h3 of a topic) but it doesn't have TOC and the See Also list.


The Oxygen template has Mini-TOC (it shows h2 and h3 of a topic) and See Also (it shows child topics) but it doesn't have TOC.