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Online documentation is one of your company's important assets. This means that it has to look and feel like an integral part of your online content - colors, fonts, background, etc. And the good news is that ClickHelp offers both the ready templates and the ultimate flexibility for the portal branding.

Check a few awesome examples of our clients' portals below!

Live Portal Examples

To give you an idea of the styles our clients implement for their portals, let us present you a few examples below.
Funancial SMART User Guide
Funancial went heavy on their portal branding. Adhering to minimal design, their homepage features all of the main entry points of their documentation, split into several groups.
Neutrinos Documentation Portal
Neutrinos portal homepage features a fully customized layout that is, basically, a landing page. The documentation is styled to match the corporate styles, with a few custom elements.
Panopta Knowledge Hub
Panopta decided to adhere to the minimalist design, underlined by their orange accent color. Their portal looks visually light and is clearly structured.
iiko Documentation Portal
The iiko portal is a good example of how you can manage different types of documentation from a single place. They have various documentation types, ranging from product manuals (with different versions of software supported) to GDPR support guides and license agreements.
TurboCAD Documentation Portal
IMSI Design, the company behind TurboCAD, gave their homepage a nice overhaul with dark colors. Each documentation is quickly accessible from the homepage.
Relyence User Guide
Relyence changed the homepage layout completely. They stick to the minimalistic approach which also found its way in their documentation, where clear typography and minimal styling prevail.
Our Web Help Portal
Our own portal is made in stylish dark colors. On the home page there is a list with links to the most important videos, as well as a quick overview video.

Branding options

Flexible branding configuration for customizing your portal and documentation
Pick one of the ready-to-use templates and get your manuals ready for quick delivery
Our branding team will help you get the exact design you need. Request price estimation

Built-In Portal Templates

Along with the branding flexibility, ClickHelp offers six ready templates for your portal design. With templates you don’t need to dive into styling, just choose one that you like and you’re ready to go! Most of the templates have a large search input field right at the top - it will help people get started and find what they’re looking for faster.
Api Documentation Template
If you want your documentation portal to look crisp and professional - try this template. It features large icons and typography for each publication. If you want to provide additional points of entry for your users, there’s a “Getting Started” section with direct links to specific topics.
Coffee Break Template
This template can provide somewhat of a laid-back feel, with warm and soft colors. The layout allows you to use long documentation names, as they occupy a whole column. This template has a default “Getting Started” section as well for quick access to the most valuable articles in your documentation.
Colorize Template
If you want your documentation portal to stand out, we made the “Colorize” template, which uses bright colors. Just like “Coffee Break”, it allows you to use long documentation names. Additionally, there’s a video to the left you can easily change into yours. Below is an FAQ section that you can expand with your own content
Minimalist Template
For those who want to show what’s really important without any distractions, we prepared the ‘minimalist’ template, with a pretty self-explanatory title. It strips your design from extra colors and other vivid elements, leaving only the information. It features a special section where you can organize your topics and other links into different categories.
Mountain Peak Template
A bit melancholic, but nonetheless setting you in a creative mood this template is a rest for sore eyes. Dimmed colours won’t distract you from work. In terms of layout, this one is similar to “API Documentation” with large icons/headers and “Getting Started” section below.
Stardust Template
Stardust is a lightweight theme with clear typography that will help highlight the most important information. Its layout will help you to do this as well, with documentation titles taking up a whole column. To the right, you’ll find a template video you can swap for yours. Helpful “Getting Started” section included as well.

Ready Reader UI Templates

With ClickHelp, you can design online documentation, user manuals, knowledge bases, FAQs, and the like effortlessly. We created 6 ready reader UI templates that are fully different and will work well for all document types.
  • Ready templates will help your tech writing team save time - there is no need to know CSS to design your documentation, just choose a template and that’s all.
  • The templates are customizable, so you can easily create something unique for your portal. However, you can also use CSS freely to design your documentation according to your needs.
  • All the templates are optimized for different screen sizes that’s why your readers can comfortably read documentation on their smartphones, tablets, and other devices.
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