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The Sunset Hour Template

The Sunset Hour template has Mini-TOC (it shows h2 and h3 of a topic) but it doesn't have TOC or the See Also list.

Here is how it looks with the default style:

Since it has the minimalist design and just one navigation element - Mini-TOC, here are some specifics that you should keep in mind:

  • The Sunset Hour template is good for a knowledge base or FAQ where readers use search and related topics as navigation.
  • This template doesn't have TOC and See Also, and there are no possibilities to add them to the template. If you need TOC and/or See Also, use the Clear Sky or Oxygen template for your publication.
  • Mini-TOC shows h2 and h3 of a topic, so if you don't have h2 and h3 in your topic, Mini-TOC will not be shown.

If you want to create something unique, use customization options where you can set up UI colors, content width, customize navigation panel and much more.