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Topic Master Page


In ClickHelp, you can customize a topic template using the Topic Master Page settings. Setting up a custom topic template will save you a lot of time as you can create a custom topic footer or header just once and apply it to all your projects.

In order to get to the Topic Master Page settings, do the following:

  • Open Author Dashboard
  • Click Portal Settings.

  • Click Topic Master Page in the left-hand navigation panel.

  • The Topic Master Page settings will open.

The Topic Master Page settings provide technical writers with great opportunities that allow:

  1. Integrating third-party tools into your portal.
  • Code Highlighting. Technical writers need to include code samples in the content. So, code highlighting helps format the code that makes easier to read them.
  • Integrate LiveChat Widget. If you'd like to offer the chat service right inside your documentation pages, it is easy to integrate any chat tool into your portal.
  • Image Preview - Lightbox. Lightbox is a script used for creating an image gallery. It also allows grouping images into one set and going through the images one by one.
  • Embedding JotForm Forms. JotForm is an online form builder. It can be used to quickly create various forms like registration forms, customer surveys, etc. using ready templates and customizing forms according to your needs.
  1. Adding meta tags for SEO purposes.
  • Adding SEO Meta Tags. Using page title templates, meta keywords, and a meta description can help you get marketing benefits. 
  1. Adding custom external fonts.
  1. Adding custom topic header or footer to all topics at once: