ClickHelp Documentation

Locking Topics

To avoid any issues when multiple people are working on one project at the same time, ClickHelp has a built-in document locking system.

It is activated when a user clicks the Edit button to start working on a topic (or a script or style file).

The topic becomes locked and cannot be edited by other users. If they try to edit them, they will see a message at the top of the screen that the topic has been locked by another user at the specified date and time.

When the work on the topic is done, you need to unlock it by clicking the Unlock & View button at the top of the page - this will make the topic available for editing for other users.

Information When you switch to another topic without unlocking the previous one, ClickHelp will automatically unlock the topic and save the changes you've made. You will be notified about this with a message at the top of the screen.