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Machine Translation Settings Reference

The Localization → Machine Translation section of Portal Settings allows you to enable/disable and configure both currently available Machine Translation services: Google Cloud Translation and Microsoft Translator.

Google Cloud Translation

The Google Cloud Translation settings

  • Allow translation with Google Cloud Translation. Selecting this checkbox enables the Google Cloud Translation service.
  • Google API key. API key that you have generated in your Google Cloud Console for use with the translation service. Learn how to do it in the following topic: Set Up Google Cloud Translation.

Microsoft Translator

The Microsoft Translator settings

  • Allow translation with Microsoft Translator. Selecting this checkbox enables the Microsoft Translator service.
  • Microsoft Cognitive Services Endpoint. The endpoint URL of the service. It looks like this: https://<your-custom-domain> Learn how to get your endpoint URL here.
  • Azure Key. The key used to access your Cognitive Service API. Learn how to get your API key here.
  • Category. A string specifying the category (domain) of the translation. The default value is general, used if you do not use the custom model for translation. To learn more, refer here.