ClickHelp Documentation


All main topic settings can be found in Properties > General.

Let's examine them from top to bottom.

  • Topic Title and Topic ID.
    Here, you can give your topic a name and specify an ID. Pay attention to the Warning Box reminding you to change all the links in case you decide to change the Topic ID. As you can see from the screenshot, you can write your own custom caption for the corresponding TOC Node.

  • TOC Node Icons
    You can customize the way the topic nodes look like in the Table of Contents. Read more on how to change the Node Icons here.

  • Show this node in TOC
    This is a useful option when you want to hide some topic from the TOC navigation, but leave it accessible through direct links, Search and Index. Topics with this option unchecked will still be included into the publication when you create it, but will not be visible to readers in the TOC.
  • Publishing
    This section of topic properties is used when you create several different Publications from one Project . You can mark when each topic should be included in a Publication, depending on the Output Tag specified in the publishing wizard. To learn more on Dynamic Output in ClickHelp, see this section.

  • Full-Text Search
    If you check the "Never show this topic in search results" box for a topic, this topic will never be shown in the portal search results. It will still be accessible via a link or other navigation means. This topic will not be indexed by the system - neither authors nor readers will find it via search. However, if your documentation is public, web search engines like Google will still be able to access and index it (because the topic is still available via direct links). Indexing of public topics by third-party search systems can be limited via configuring the robots.txt file.

    ClickHelp also provides more options for the Full-Text Search engine fine-tuning, refer to: Index Keywords.
  • Folder vs Topic
    Take a look at this article explaining the difference between various TOC node types. The "Convert to folder..." link on the screenshot below allows converting a Folder to a topic, and back. Be careful - if you convert a topic to a folder, the topic contents will be permanently deleted.