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SEO Settings for Online Documentation


SEO (search engine optimization) is a system of rules that helps increase the visibility of online resources on the web. It is vital to obey these rules to make your online documentation available for more readers, as it will be placed higher in the results of the search engines. As online manuals usually contain precise terms and their themes are quite specific, using your ClickHelp documentation portal as a SEO tool can give excellent results.

ClickHelp has several features to offer to increase the SEO effect. First, the Human-Readable URLs. You are allowed to change the topic URLs at any time, but the default URL will resemble the topic title. This helps the search engines to look for content relevant to search queries in the page URLs, as well as in the page content. So, your Portal is more likely to appear among the top search results.

Second, the  Index Keywords. Usage of the Index Keywords structures your online manual, and makes it easier to handle by users, plus, it creates the Keywords meta tag automatically when publishing a Project. This means that a number of search engines will be aware of your documentation's theme and will treat it in relevance to search queries.

In addition, you can explicitly specify your Meta Description and Meta Keywords  in the topic properties. Go to Properties > Master Page, you'll see the following settings:

Meta Description is what users will see in Google/Bing/Yahoo/etc. search results below the link. If this tag is empty or missing, the search engines will auto-extract some content from the page. The content they extract may not be the best choice to show in the results. So, technical writers should consider specifying some meaningful text for search engines to use.

Meta Keywords should be comma-separated. These are the words that present the content of the topic best to help search engines identify your documentation. Although now, only a few search engines take the meta keywords into account, the usage of this tag is still recommended.

Additional Tags are any other tags you might want to append to the <head> section of the topic.

Topic header HTML. Additional tags that you might want to append right before the content of your topics.

Topic footer HTML. Additional tags that you might want to append right before the closing </body> tag of your topics.

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