ClickHelp User Manual

Translate Email Notification Templates

In ClickHelp, it is possible to translate email notification templates. The process is very similar to email notification templates customization: the localized template files are located in the same /Storage/Templates/Emails folder, have similar titles, and can be edited as described in the mentioned topic. However, there are several particularities that you need to know:

  • The system will only use localized templates if you have both the Translation and Branding modules in your license.
  • The system automatically generates localized and already translated template files when you add a new language from a list of languages to your portal. These localized template files will have the suffix of the corresponding locale instead of the en-US suffix, while the title remains the same.
    For example
    If you have added the French (France) translation language to your portal, the file will be created in addition to the already existing default CreateUserTemplate.en-US.html file.
    Suppose you need to localize the template file to some other language. In that case, you will need to create a corresponding file with the appropriate locale suffix manually, e.g., by copying the default one and renaming it.
  • Contributors always get notifications based on the default en-US templates. Only Power Readers receive localized notifications.
  • Notifications intended for internal use — those never sent to Power Reader — always use the default en-US templates. Therefore, you can localize only several notification templates.
    List of localizable notification templates
    • ChangePasswordTemplate
    • CreateUserTemplate
    • OfficialMasterTemplate
    • ResetPasswordConfirmTemplate
    • ResetPasswordTemplate
  • If a Power Reader has a particular locale specified in their Date/Time Format profile setting, the system will use the corresponding template for notification. However, suppose there is no appropriate localized template file in the Storage or the Date/Time Format profile setting of a user is set to Auto Detect. In that case, the Reader Interface Default Language will be used to determine the language for sending the notification. And if there is no localized template file in the Reader Interface Default Language, the en-US file will be used as a fallback template.
  • Localized files with the same titles and made in the same language but having different locales (e.g., fr-FR and fr-CA) are considered as different and unrelated files. They don't use as fallbacks for each other.
  • If a localized file is incorrect in any way (no content, broken HTML markup, etc.), the en-US file will be used as a fallback template.