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Self-Development: How to Self-Improve and Be Effective - Page 2

Lifehacks for Technical Writers

We think that lifehacks are awesome! So, we’ve prepared a list of them specifically for technical writers. They will help you to stay focused, productive and enjoy what you love doing the most - writing. Without further ado, the 6 lifehacks Continue reading »

5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

Is there something else you are supposed to be doing right now? Probably some paperwork or starting a new documentation project? But instead you are reading this article about procrastination. Ironic, isn’t it? So you call yourself a procrastinator. Don’t Continue reading »

11 Skills of a Good Technical Writer

The definition of a technical writer is the following: a technical writer is an expert that deals with technical communication and transforms complex information into clear and concise technical documentation. A technical writer creates the following types of technical documentation Continue reading »

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