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Flexibility and Power

  • Rich topic content: videos, surveys, quizzes, feedback forms, etc.
  • White-label branding and custom domain name
  • Easy migration from MadCap Flare, RoboHelp, MS Word, Confluence, etc.
  • More than 20 existing integrations, REST API support
  • Full reader UI customization
  • –°onfigurable printed output templates
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Collaboration and Teamwork

  • Cloud hosting for your content and authoring environment
  • Unlimited version history and detailed auditing
  • Customizable topic review workflow with simplified UI for reviewers
  • Email notifications for comments and workflow events
  • Topic statuses, review comments, per-topic ToDo items
  • Advanced Table of Contents filtering
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Single-Sourcing and Content Reuse

  • Cross-project content reuse with snippets, variables and conditional content
  • Multiple projects and project versions in a single portal
  • Outputs with varying content from the same project
  • Multi-channel publishing to online documentation, PDF, Web Help and other formats
  • Public or password-protected docs, internal knowledge bases, Context Help - all in one portal
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"As an authoring tool, ClickHelp is easy to use and highly efficient. It can meet the needs of a small company but is scalable and full-featured enough to meet the needs of large corporations with multiple authors and departments."
Jennifer Thompson
Technical Product Manager

Comprehensive Reader UI

  • Patented Full-Text Search engine customized for documentation search
  • Taxonomies (index keywords) and search customization features
  • 6 ready Reader UI templates for different types of documents
  • Automatic See Also, breadcrumbs, mini-TOC and other navigation elements
  • Accessible reader UI that meets Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 Level AA requirements, Toc quick filtering, reader feedback widgets
  • Google Translate and chat bots integration
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In-depth Analytics and Reporting

  • Project readiness, author contribution and reader behavior reports
  • Detailed analytics with report drilldown mode
  • 30+ content metrics including readability, time to read, word count, etc.
  • Topic ratings based on user votes and 14 more reports
  • Seamless Google Analytics integration
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Security and reliability

Single Sign-On Support: Google, Azure, Salesforce and other providers
Cloud or on-premises hosting for your content and authoring environment
Near 100% platform uptime and regular backups
Secure payments via PCI compliant e-commerce platform
State-of-the-art data center parks with multi-redundant network connections
Strong SSL encryption
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