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Our Vision and Mission

Lost time is never found again.
— Benjamin Franklin


Time is the most precious resource we have – unlike other resources, it cannot be replenished. Once you spend it, it is gone forever.

Our mission is to help software companies save time when creating user manuals. Software developers and technical writers benefit from collaborating in a single documentation platform to deliver great documentation in less time. This is getting more important as the software industry moves from the waterfall delivery model to more agile processes.

We believe that modern documentation techniques let companies drive more revenue by improving trial conversion rates and customer retention via better user experience. This result is achieved through easy-to-access online documentation, in-product context help, product tours and tutorials. We work to make ClickHelp the best online documentation tool for software vendors, so you can focus on delivering great products.


Meet Our Clients

ClickHelp is trusted by many companies all over the world. Our online documentation platform is used in a variety of fields – from POS software and video streaming services to atomic power plants. Read client testimonials and learn why you can trust us.

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We value open communication with our clients. We are here to listen and respond, so feel free to contact us anytime.

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