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Technical Writer Career Guide - Free Ebook

Technical Writer Career Guide - Free Ebook

Want to Grow as a Technical Writer?

Whether you only consider becoming a technical writer and not sure where to start, or already have a job and look for ideas and inspiration to develop further in this direction, you may benefit from some tips and guidance which can help you build your technical writing career.

This ebook covers a wide range of questions, from the history of technical writing in antiquity (yes, it’s that old!) to technical writing skills, modern tools, workflows and documentation design, specifically:

  • What industries use technical writing?
  • What technical writers really do?
  • Freelance vs. a 9-5 job.
  • Essential skills of a good technical writer.
  • Technical writer career path.
  • Technical writing job challenges.
  • Free tools for technical writers.
  • Tips for documentation design.
  • How to optimize documentation team workflow?
  • Cross-team communication for technical writers.
  • and much more!

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