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Documentation Strategy Explained

Documentation strategy is part of the overall business strategy, which contains the vision of the company’s future. Documentation support is needed to put a business strategy into action. Strategic documents are created to describe HR, sales, and marketing strategies. In Continue reading »

Who Is a Documentation Engineer?

As your business grows, the amount of documentation created, stored, and exchanged within the organization increases. The movement of documents, as well as other operations concerning paperwork, has to be monitored and managed on a daily basis. Besides, strategic decisions Continue reading »

Who Is an API Technical Writer?

There are many types of technical writers, such as an automotive technical writer, a technical writing manager, etc. This blog will explain what an API technical writer’s job is about. What Is an API? API stands for Application Programming Interface Continue reading »

Content Usability and Contexts

Marketers have long realized that products won’t sell themselves. Sales have to be boosted by high-quality content that accompanies every product. Most often, content means technical documentation that comes together with the product: manuals, quick start guides, specs, instructions, etc Continue reading »

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