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Who Is Technical Writer?

Who a technical writer is almost everyone seems to understand. But what is implied? To put it shortly, a technical writer is supposed to be a skilled wordsmith that converts complex technical information into easily readable documentation. Besides making accurate Continue reading »

How to Create an Instruction Manual?

When people hear the phrase instruction manual, they think about different step-by-step explanations of how to control devices, assemble furniture, repair computer accessories, do routine maintenance of equipment, etc. Such manuals are one of the most common and important things Continue reading »

How to Write a Technical Report?

What Is a Technical Report? The definition of a technical report is the following: a technical report is a document written by a researcher; it describes how the research was conveyed: its phases, steps, results, peculiarities, etc., and may include Continue reading »

Implementing Structured Authoring

Imagine that every day you see dozens of mismatched PDFs that are produced and uploaded to some documentation site that doesn’t have navigation. Fellow tech writers are wasting loads of valuable hours fixing one thing across masses of documents when Continue reading »

Collaborative vs. Topic-Based Authoring

Many working environments demand collaborative writing and editing of documents. Nowadays, such collaborations are simplified. The participants don’t need to be co-located and work from the same office; they are free to reside in different geographic locations. In addition, documents Continue reading »

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