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ClickHelp Pricing Plans

Yearly -14%
0 USD a month a year Show details
0 USD / year month — documentation platform
0 USD / year month 0 contributors included in the plan
0 USD / year month 0 additional contributor
0 USD one-time fee — services
Unlimited projects
Unlimited reader accounts
500 topics (pages, articles)
2 contributors for free
5GB file storage
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Workflow & Review
Permission Management
API Documentation Tools
API & Extensibility
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0 USD a month a year Show details
0 USD / year month — documentation platform
0 USD / year month 0 contributors included in the plan
0 USD / year month 0 additional contributor
0 USD one-time fee — services
Unlimited projects
Unlimited reader accounts
Unlimited topics (pages, articles)
5 contributors for free
15GB file storage
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Workflow & Review
Permission Management
API Documentation Tools
API & Extensibility
See integrations, add-ons and services
0 USD a month a year Show details
0 USD / year month — documentation platform
0 USD / year month 0 contributors included in the plan
0 USD / year month 0 additional contributor
0 USD one-time fee — services
Unlimited projects
Unlimited reader accounts
Unlimited topics (pages, articles)
10 contributors for free
30GB file storage
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Workflow & Review
Permission Management
API Documentation Tools
API & Extensibility
See integrations, add-ons and services

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Maximize Efficiency with the Tools You Love

Simplify your workflow with ClickHelp, easily integrating with your everyday tools. Streamlined, user-friendly,
and efficient – we make working smarter an effortless reality.


*Included with Zapier
Integrate with GitHub for efficient documentation management in sync with your development.


*Included with Zapier
Connect with Jira to align documentation with your project workflow for better organization and tracking.


*Included with Zapier
Bring your documentation into the heart of team communication with the Slack integration.

MS Teams

*Included with Zapier
Make ClickHelp a natural part of your Microsoft Teams environment, fostering better teamwork and information flow.


*Included with Zapier
Utilize Pendo with ClickHelp to gain insights and drive improvements in your documentation strategy.

And hundreds more with the Zapier add-on!

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Enhance your documentation capabilities with our range of add-ons to enrich and streamline your
documentation experience.

Translation ecosystem

190 USDa month
Go global and easily provide docs in multiple languages with our integrated translation ecosystem — seamless localization across your documentation.
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Sandbox portal

90 USDa month
Test and experiment in a secure Sandbox environment – a safe space for trying new things like branding or SSO setup without affecting your live content.
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Additional storage

50 USDa month
Scale your documentation needs with an additional 100GB of storage – more room for your ever-growing content and resources.
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Zendesk integration

89 USDa month
Requires the API & Extensibility module
ClickHelp Sidebar for Zendesk allows quick access to your documentation, enabling your support engineers to insert helpful links directly into responses efficiently.
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Enterprise security

195 USDa month
Ensure top-notch security with features like IP allowlist, audit trail, and custom email domains for peace of mind.
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Zapier integration

99 USDa month
Explore endless integration possibilities with Zapier, connecting ClickHelp with your favorite business tools seamlessly.
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Migrate effortlessly: Let us do the heavy lifting

Onboarding services for anyone who needs to quickly get up to speed, get a beautiful portal without involving
web developers or migrate content from a non-standard format.

Styling and Branding Service

Styling & Branding

Looking to brighten up your content styles or the Reader UI? Our experts will help you get the exact design you need.

Get this add-on
Content Migration Service

Content Migration

Moving content from one tool to another doesn’t have to be painful. Let our specialists handle the process.

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Product Training Service

Product Training

With our product experts’ guidance, get to know ClickHelp in no time. Training sessions just for you and your colleagues.

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Your Data, Safe and Secure

Top-notch hosting facilities, strict security measures, and near 100% uptime ensure your data is always safe.

Data server hosting

Your data is where you are

Get the best performance for your business by selecting one of our hosting regions. The data will not ever leave that server.

Portal status

Always on and available

Uninterrupted access for the readers to your documentation with our high uptime guarantee and automatic availability monitoring.

Data is safe

Your data is safe with us

Your data is in good hands with our strict storage measures and SOC2 certified data centers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find an answer here? Contact us

Do you accept PayPal and credit cards?
Yes, we support dozens of payments methods, including those country-specific. To protect payments, all transactions go only through PayPro - a secure online commerce platform. We do not store any payment data, and PayPro is a PCI compliant e-commerce service. This means that your payments are totally safe with us.
Which ClickHelp plan do I need?
The answer depends on what features you need. For example, the Growth plan allows you to make a portal match your design guidelines. With the Professional plan, you can use advanced integration options such as context help embedding, API, etc. If you need help choosing a plan, please contact
How can I renew my ClickHelp subscription?
There are two subscription renewal options - automatic renewal and manual renewal. If your subscription is automatic, you don’t have to do anything since the subscription will be renewed automatically. In the second case, you get a couple of reminders with a renewal link before your subscription expires. If you did not receive those, please contact - we will be happy to send you the renewal link. The same is true if you need to switch the renewal type - don’t hesitate to get in touch with
Can I purchase a 2-year subscription?
Yes, you can subscribe for 2 years, if a 1-year pricing plan is not enough for you. To purchase a 2-year subscription, please contact
Is it possible to transfer my content from other platforms to ClickHelp?
Yes, you can migrate from other technical documentation tools to ClickHelp. Our platform supports many migration formats: CHM, MS Word, HTML and more. Extensive documentation regarding migration can be found in the user manual.
If you need assistance with migration from other tools, our experts will help you. To find out the cost of this service and other details, please contact
Can I pay with ACH?
No, ClickHelp doesn’t support this payment method. Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, WebMoney, Wire transfer, purchase order are available though.
Can I pay for a subscription using a purchase order?
Yes, it's possible to pay for a subscription using a purchase order - you can select this payment option on the checkout page. When such an order is placed, the system will automatically generate a PDF invoice with the final amount due that you can use in the PO approval process.
What features will I be able to access in a free trial portal?
During the trial period, you get access to all features of the ClickHelp platform to evaluate them. This is equivalent to having the Professional plan subscription with the Translation Module included.
What pricing plan enables me to translate documentation in ClickHelp?
The Translation Module is available for every pricing plan. ClickHelp offers multiple options to translate your documentation with ease. You can translate within the platform or set up machine translation. We also support XLIFF files import/export, automatic synchronization of translation units, and multi-language reader interface.
Do you charge for Support Services additionally?
No. We provide free professional support to all our clients, visit our Support Page to learn more.
How exactly do you count those "topics"?
The system will only count the topics in your projects, not publications. Therefore, the size of your source project is the only thing that matters, and you can have multiple publications per project - they do not increase the overall topic count.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription later?
Yes. You can upgrade your ClickHelp subscription at any moment, just contact us at and we'll guide you. Downgrading is also possible at the end of the current subscription period (month, year) — when renewing, you can choose another plan.
What will happen to my content when the free trial ends?
If you decide to purchase a subscription, your content will be saved and seamlessly converted to a paid account. However, if you choose not to continue with a subscription, we'll still save your content for an additional week before saying goodbye. But we hope you'll stick around and keep creating with us!
What is the difference between Standard Branding and Advanced Branding?
With Standard Branding, we'll put 10 hours of styling work into your documentation portal. This typically covers a customized homepage and a repaint of the reader interface in your corporate colors, giving it a unique look and feel.
If you're looking for something even more tailored to your brand, Advanced Branding includes 25 hours of work. This typically means we can create a custom design for the Reader Interface that's completely different from the existing ClickHelp templates. It's a great way to make your documentation stand out and reflect your brand's personality!
Can I pay for a subscription using a wire transfer?
Yes, you can use several payment options, including the wire transfer. So choose the subscription plan you want to pay for, select "Wire Transfer" as the payment method, and follow the instructions. Initiate the wire transfer with your bank, providing all of the necessary information accurately based on the PDF invoice the system provides.
Can I pay in a currency other than United States Dollars?
Yes. Even though the prices are in US Dollars, our e-commerce platform supports multiple payment currencies. You can pick any supported currency on the checkout page, the price will be automatically converted.
Can I purchase add-ons and services later?
Yes, you can purchase training, content migration, portal branding services later when you feel a need - our team will be happy to assist. You can also upgrade your ClickHelp subscription to include add-ons. To learn more and get a quote, please contact

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Contributors are licensed users: authors, translators, reviewers, etc. Reader accounts are free and unlimited in all plans.
Workflow & Review Module
Manage your team collaboration on the content authoring and review stages.
  • Topic workflow management
  • Status filters for topics
  • Reviewer accounts
  • Simplified reviewer dashboard
  • Email notifications for topic updates
Branding Module
Make your documentation site match your corporate design guidelines.
  • Custom domain name for your portal
  • Six Reader UI templates
  • Visual configuration of Reader UI design
  • CSS-based portal branding
  • Branding JavaScript
API & Extensibility Module
Integrate your documentation portal with your business processes and software tools.
  • Single sign-on
  • Token-based authentication
  • Context help embedding
  • Custom workflow
Permission Management Module
Configure internal and external user access to your projects and publications.
  • Password-protected documentation
  • Unlimited number of Power Reader accounts
  • Per-project access control
  • Portal administration restrictions
  • Role-based permission management
API Documentation Tools
Automatically generate API documentation from your definition files, easily sync every change, and seamlessly host it alongside your user guides.
Reporting Module
Manage your authoring process, content quality, and user feedback with a dozen of automatic reports.
  • Project readiness reports
  • Content contribution reports
  • Reader behavior reports
  • Content readability reports
  • 30+ topic content metrics
Translation Module
Create documentation in multiple languages and manage content updates easily in your portal.
  • Translation process support
  • Unlimited language versions of a project
  • Reader UI localization
  • Localized email notifications
By default, each portal has some storage space for images and downloadable files (storage size for topics is not limited), the amount of space varies depending on specific plan. You can increase this limit by 100 GB.
A sandbox portal is provided by request. You can use it to test and develop branding, SSO, API and other complex features implementation without affecting your live portal.
Get help topic links from ClickHelp inserted in support tickets with a single click to boost your Zendesk agents productivity. Requires the REST API feature.
Two remote training sessions, 90 minutes each. 1-3 attendees with no additional cost.
10 hours of branding service, which typically include custom portal home page and changing UI colors to match your company style guide.
25 hours of branding service which include complex customization and custom project templates matching your company style guide.
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