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6000+ Topics
per author/mo
2000 Topics
per author/mo
500 Topics
per author/mo
150 Topics
per author/mo
All plans include unlimited projects, user guides, readers, documentation hosting and awesome support.
Workflow & Review
Workflow & Review Module
Manage your team collaboration on the content authoring and review stages.
  • Topic workflow management
  • Status filters for topics
  • Reviewer accounts
  • Simplified reviewer dashboard
  • Email notifications for topic updates
Branding Module
Make your documentation site match your corporate design guidelines.
  • Custom domain name for your portal
  • Six Reader UI templates
  • Visual configuration of Reader UI design
  • CSS-based portal branding
  • Branding JavaScript
Extensibility Module
Integrate your documentation portal with your business processes and software tools.
  • Single sign-on
  • Token-based authentication
  • Context help embedding
  • Custom workflow
Permission Management
Permission Management Module
Configure internal and external user access to your projects and publications.
  • Password-protected documentation
  • Unlimited number of Power Reader accounts
  • Per-project access control
  • Portal administration restrictions
  • Role-based permission management
Reporting Module
Manage your authoring process, content quality, and user feedback with a dozen of automatic reports.
  • Project readiness reports
  • Content contribution reports
  • Reader behavior reports
  • Content readability reports
  • 30+ topic content metrics
Translation Module
Create documentation in multiple languages and manage content updates easily in your portal.
  • Translation process support
  • Unlimited language versions of a project
  • Reader UI localization
  • Localized email notifications
By default, each portal has 10 GB of storage space for images and downloadable files (storage size for topics is not limited). You can increase this limit to 100 GB.
A sandbox portal is provided by request. You can use it to test and develop branding, SSO, API and other complex features implementation without affecting your live portal.
Get help topic links from ClickHelp inserted in support tickets with a single click to boost your Zendesk agents productivity. Requires the REST API feature.
Two remote training sessions, 90 minutes each. Up to three attendees with no additional cost.
8 hours of branding service, which typically include custom portal home page and changing UI colors to match your company style guide.
20 hours of branding service which include complex customization and custom project templates matching your company style guide.
Portal hosting region
Author seats to buy:
Authors are users who can create and edit content in ClickHelp. Author seats are Floating User licenses that can be managed in your portal settings.
ClickHelp subscription, yearlymonthly
Services, one-time payment
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A topic is a separate document in a user guide or software manual, which is created with the topic-based authoring approach. The limitations on the number of topics are applied to the total number of topics in all documentation projects you create in a ClickHelp portal. However, there are no limitations regarding the published/hosted content - you can publish and host as many topics as you need.
Reviewers can see unpublished content and leave review comments in topics, but cannot edit content or create new topics. They work with a special simplified UI to make the review process easier. They can be your company employees or external users, like contractors or beta testers.
3 included in the plan + 1 per author license
100 GB Storage
Zendesk Integration
Portal hosting region
United States
Basic branding
Advanced Branding
Product Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept PayPal and credit cards?
Yes, we support dozens of payments methods, including those country-specific. To protect payments, all transactions go only through PayPro - a secure online commerce platform. We do not store any payment data, and PayPro is a PCI compliant e-commerce service. This means that your payments are totally safe with us.
Which ClickHelp plan do I need?
This will depend on your ClickHelp usage. You can estimate how many topics you are going to have during your free trial period - just import your existing documentation. There are also some functional differences (listed above). If you need help choosing a plan, please contact
How can I renew my ClickHelp subscription?
There are two subscription renewal options - automatic renewal and manual renewal. If your subscription is automatic, you don’t have to do anything since the subscription will be renewed automatically. In the second case, you get a couple of reminders with a renewal link before your subscription expires. If you did not receive those, please contact - - we will be happy to send you the renewal link. The same is true if you need to switch the renewal type - don’t hesitate to get in touch with
Do you charge for Support Services additionally?
No. We provide free professional support to all our clients, visit our Support Page to learn more.
How exactly do you count those "topics"?
The system will only count the topics in your projects, not publications. Therefore, the size of your source project is the only thing that matters, and you can have multiple publications per project - they do not increase the overall topic count.
I want my documentation portal to match my company brand. Can you help me?
ClickHelp UI is highly customizable and you can brand it the way you need using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you need help with this, we will be happy to offer our branding services - just contact
Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription later?
Yes. You can upgrade your ClickHelp subscription at any moment, just contact us at and we'll guide you. Downgrading is also possible at the end of the current subscription period (month, year) - when renewing, you can choose a different subscription configuration.
What happens when my subscription expires?
If you have automatic renewal, the subscription is renewed automatically. In case of manual renewal, first of all, we will send you a few reminders to make sure you don’t miss the renewal date accidentally. If you decide not to renew the subscription, make sure you transfer all your data before the expiration date. Portals with an expired subscription are deleted in two weeks after the expiration date. If you’d like to change the type of subscription renewal - please get in touch with
What is the difference between Authors and Reviewers?
Authors can create, modify and manage content, can publish and export documentation. Reviewers can only contribute in one way - provide comments for specific text fragments in those projects they were given access to. It is a good approach to have an SME or a Dev Manager review some critical content before it goes live. So, you just create a Reviewer account for that person and assign a topic to them.
Do I need to pay anything for Power Readers who access my password-protected manuals?
No, ClickHelp includes an unlimited number of Power Reader accounts.
Do you have discounts for students?
Yes, we do. Please contact to learn more.
How much file storage do I have in my portal?
By default, all plans come with 10 GB of file storage for screenshots and downloadable files (storage space is not limited for help topics and other data). In the majority of usage scenarios this is enough, since this space is enough to store about 100 000 screenshots. If you need more, you can buy a corresponding add-on to extend the storage space.

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per author/mo
per author/mo
per author/mo
per author/mo
200+ basic features
Unlimited documentation projects
Unlimited published user guides
Unlimited Power Readers
Workflow & Review
Permission Management
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