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ClickHelp Reviews

ClickHelp is changing the way our company handles documentation
Mike Levinson, Lloyd's Register

Our company has many software products and supporting user guides and manuals. With no standardization in place we were looking for an on-line solution to improve the overall look and consistency of our user guides and installation manuals. After reviewing several of the leading Help Authoring Tools (HAT) on the market, we decided on ClickHelp. Several key features of ClickHelp ...

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Incredibly capable and flexible
Joe S., Trifectix

The content editor is extremely easy to use while still being very feature rich. It's easy for a broad range of skill sets to use the system and then generating documentation in multiple formats is straight forward and extremely accurate. We've leveraged ...

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What Clients Say

"As an authoring tool, ClickHelp is easy to use and highly efficient. It can meet the needs of a small company but is scalable and full-featured enough to meet the needs of large corporations with multiple authors and departments.

ClickHelp employees believe in their product and stand behind it. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Jennifer Thompson
Technical Product Manager
"You guys are the best! It’s rare to have a software vendor implement suggestions, and even more rare to get feedback when they do. Kudos on such excellent service. Thank you!!"
Eileen Howald
Relyence Corporation
"ClickHelp Tech Support is one of the best user support teams I've worked with. The team's responses are timely, professional, and very useful. My issues are usually resolved with a single email, but the team also always follows up when I need additional assistance. Many thanks for your quality service!"
Lauren Meyer
Senior Technical Writer
Skyword Inc.
"I'd like to take a minute to say how much I appreciate the help you have provided. The assistance you provided was accurate, detailed and very timely. My expectations based on past experience with other vendors was that I may very well be get short unhelpful answers and be pointed to documentation since my issue wasn't "break" related. For you to walk me through my issues as well as provide screen shots where applicable was fantastic. I greatly appreciate your time and effort."
Mike Brassard
Systems and Network Engineer
Constituo Software LLC
"The University of Washington Professional Technical Writing Certificate Program wishes to thank ClickHelp AM LLC for their support. Software tools are an important part of a career as a technical writer. Hands-on experience with popular tools like ClickHelp assist our students in preparing for the workplace. We look forward to continuing our relationship with ClickHelp AM LLC in the coming years."
Ricardo Valdez, EdD
Director UW Educational Outreach, Academic Programs
University of Washington
"I am writing to commend ClickHelp on their excellent customer support. I am using an evaluation copy and have experienced better support than with most fully licensed software. Alexander (from the ClickHelp Team) has been very professional and helpful, replying within minutes to all my emails."
Colin Greczkowski
Presagis Canada Inc.
"I have only positive things to say about the ClickHelp training service. Ian (from the ClickHelp Team) was very knowledgeable, had a nice sense of humor, and had answers to all my questions. He was also able to help me with "quick tips" that I would not have thought of otherwise. Thank you again for the training series!"
Amruta Phansalker
Documentation Specialist
Maximizer CRM
"If there was an option for excellent/outstanding I would have selected that! Alex K has been an absolute dream... there was continual help and support, suggestions etc to try to resolve our issue; communication was fast, very well explained/clear, and friendly (thank you Alex); the ticket wasn't closed your side until the issue was resolved our side, despite the issue actually being our side e.g. even though it was an internal issue the help and support was still there and throughout all of it, Alex has been kind, helpful, considerate and patient. You have a wonderful person working for you, I am glad I was able to share a little of their time. Alex K is a legend!"
Stacey Brentnall
UK Regulation and Compliance Manager

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IntSights Case Study

ClickHelp Contributes to Cyber Security

We offer customers a wide range of products, and it’s a best practice to provide all customer documentation in a single place. ClickHelp is a great solution for this purpose - all our users can find all the necessary information on different products in one portal.

Moreover, because of the specifics of our products and services, our user manuals are private and not available to everyone on the Internet. ClickHelp provides password-protected documentation functionality with different visibility levels, so we can easily create restricted user guides, and only logged-in users can read them.


Team Orca Case Study

Using ClickHelp in a CI Environment

Before we started to use ClickHelp, we had a number of challenges with our documentation requirements. Our primary product documentation is embedded in the product itself as a set of HTML pages. Additionally, we needed to be able to send customers PDF copies of either full docs or specific sections of product documentation as well as wanting to be able to leverage portions of that same documentation for in-product popup help.

Orca is available in 3 different operational modes and each of them has their own specific documentation requirements. That’s why all of the above requirements are duplicated for each of the deliverable product versions. Add to that the typical requirement to manage all of the above for multiple releases and managing documentation becomes more time consuming than actual product development.

ClickHelp allowed us to solve all of these problems with ease and more importantly, without requiring a documentation specific skill set.


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