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SEO Lifehacks: Articles and Tips for Technical Writers

SEO Tips for Technical Writers

Things like DevOps and Agile create more opportunities for cross-team collaboration. And, that’s what is required of any business now - smoother seamless product delivery. Technical writers are a huge part of this puzzle, and, finally, some real merge is Continue reading »

Online Documentation and SEO. Part 8 - Lazy-Loading Images

It's not a secret for anyone that mobile Internet can be quite slow. The page loading speed is very important for mobile-oriented pages. And it's not a secret either that Google is using the site speed as a SEO factor. Also, it is well-known that people tend to leave a web site if it does not open within 3 seconds. As you can see, there is a plenty of reasons to improve the page loading speed Continue reading »

Online Documentation and SEO. Part 5 - AJAX Navigation & Hashbang

When readers are browsing online documentation, they click cross-topic links a lot, and use the Table of Contents navigation quite often. With these use cases, if the entire page re-loads on every navigation, this may harm the documentation usability. To improve online documentation responsiveness, technical writers often use AJAX navigation. The idea is simple - link clicks are handled by JavaScript, and only a part of the page reloads. It certainly helps with the responsiveness part! However, this dynamic navigation may have a couple of side effects technical writers need to keep in mind, let’s take a look at them Continue reading »

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